Thursday, July 31, 2014

I see Stars in the future

I have decided that I will now rate what I read with a star system. I have been fortunate enough to now receive books prior to publication. I want to honor you readers with more informative views on what the book is about. I aim to only get better.

I believe that art is really subjective and what may not be my preferred cup of tea, may in fact be yours. So do not pass up a novel based solely on my judgment, buy the book find out for yourself if it is good or not.

I have such respect for writers that put themselves out there, toiling, writing away, pouring their hearts on paper and then placing it out for the world to read and critique. As a writer myself, I know the pain of rejection all to well and of acceptance. We all hope for the latter. Nevertheless, as writers, we do not write for others. We write for ourselves because creativity burns within us, because a warm, sunny day and a bus stop or the movement of one's mouth as he or she chomps down on food,(or however your stories originate) evoke memories that allow our minds to tell stories and sometimes they start from the simplicity of small moments as these.

I have never started a book, whether I liked it or not, that I did not finish. I plan to continue this tradition. I am currently reading three books right now. Reviews coming soon.

So I hope you all keep writing and I will keep writing, reading and reviewing because to do without would be detrimental. So get out there, create, live, and take it all in-whether it be one star or five!

So here is my star rating system. A little thing I put together.

Anthem Book Review– Star Rating
5: Gold: Phenomenal. In a class by itself. Top shelf! 
4: Compelling. Wonderful. Bookshelf worthy!
3: Enjoyable. Pleasant. A must read!
2: Good. You might like it.
1: Ya, I read it.

Happy Reading!
by Francine


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