Sunday, March 14, 2021

How Beautiful We Were


Imbolo Mbue is one of my favorite voices in the literary world today. Thus far, her literary work consists of  just one novel, Behold The Dreamers. But what a novel it is. Perfectly written, impeccably crafted, with characters so authentically real, you'd swear they stood next to you in a crowded grocery store, or they are the parents of your son's classmates, and like so many other undocumented parents struggling to go unnoticed, but still make a living and raise their children in society, they remain quiet, still, causing no ripple, making no noise. But they are so there, and they are so real.

In Behold The Dreamers, Mbue gave them a voice, made them alive, and relatable. They are more like as than not, with dreams as wide as the sky. In Behold the Dreamers, we see clearly the one percent of society and the working class and how both live, good and bad. Behold the Dreamers is a compelling and relatable story, and, well, she did it again. Imbolo Mbue has created another fine novel in, How Beautiful We Were. I picked my copy up this afternoon from Barnes & Noble, the mothership. I am about 100 pages in and, wow, just, wow. Imolo Mbue is currently one of the world's best women writers and her follow-up novel only solidifies her among the great writers of our time.

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