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Books to Read Before You Die.

25 Books to Read Before You Die

In 2014, I began reading Powell's 25 Books to Read Before You Die. Some of the books listed I had read while either in college or in my leisure time. Many of the authors and novels  on Powell's 25 Books to Read Before You Die, were unknown to me. But, an unknown  writer has never stopped me before and it wasn't about to now.

I have made it a mission to read all the books on the list. But, in doing so, I made myself a rules list to follow.

Rule One: No New Books. The 25 will all be used books. No mothership purchases, more like thrift store finds.

Rule Two: No E-books. The 25 will be kept as part of my personal book collection, whether I like the book or not.  

Rule Three, No Rush. As I am in no rush to die, so will I be in no rush to read through all the 25 books.

Over the past few years, I kinda put Powell's "25 Books to Read Before You Die" list on the back-burner. At the end of last year, I purchased David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest which was reasonably priced, like, three dollars reasonable. Can you believe that; three dollars for that mammoth of a book, and according to many a literary masterpiece? I have not read Infinite Jest so I will not call it a masterpiece.

Anyhow, that purchase, along with realizing I had collected many of the books listed. I have decided to once again to read my way through this collection. Anyone, interested in reading along with me? I welcome the company. Let me know what book you will begin with.


Powell's Books also has other cool little 25 book reading lists. So, if 25 Books to Read Before You Die is a little too morbid for you, try one of these delightful reading lists and get to reading.

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• 25 Books to Read Before You Die: World Edition
• 25 Memoirs to Read Before You Die
• 25 Books to Read Before You Die: 21st Century
• 25 Books to Read Before You Die: Pacific Northwest Edition

Let me end this by saying that I have been pleasantly delighted by some of these books that had it not been for Powell's recommendation, I would have never ventured out and cracked open the first page.

For instance, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn is a beautiful, odd, weird as hell, lovely story on family, love, sex, evil rulers, disabilities, personality traits, circus freaks, life and motherhood. I absolutely loved Geek Love. I never would have read it. I would have walked right past in a bookstore, had it not been for Powell's 25 Books to Read Before You Die. I am thankful for having committed myself to reading this list of books. Should every other book on this list be mush, (although, I doubt it), the knowledge of Geek Love and Katherine Dunn would have been worth it alone. Geek Love is astounding. A beautiful and odd novel. Worth every second of my life I spent reading it.

This should be fun. Join me in reading from this wonderful literary list.

Happy Reading!




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