Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Local Authors' & Artists' Day 2019

Literary events in the heart of California

On Saturday, October 19, the Friends of the Madera County Library hosted their 7th Annual Authors' and Artists' Day. Local Authors from across the valley came out and met with book-loving members of the community. 

If you were unable to attend the event but are interested in reading works from local writers, fret not, I have attached below names and websites from some of the authors.

Check it out, order a book or two and support local writers.

Thanks to everyone that came out. And to those that did not, I hope to see you at next year's Authors' and Artists' Day.  

Happy Reading

Diane Ainsworth

Larry Patten   
Glenna Jarvis  ,
Gail Daley          
Jon Latham      
Joe Ozier            
Carole Love Forbes



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