Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free Kindle Books

Yes, you read correctly. Kindle does offer free e-books.  I have a few. But have I read them all yet, no; I have not. I just clicked on the free downlaod because, well they were free. One of the e-books is called "How to make iced coffee drinks- 25 best iced coffee recipes to enjoy" and although I have yet to read it I look forward to testing out a recipe or two very soon.

I have read two books from the under $5 bucks section that I purchased. Purchasing anything for under five dollars is like a big deal to me. I love a good deal.

The first book I purchased was "Bill and Hedda-The story of a mother and her son" by Jim Davidson. Hedda was married to Wolfie Hopper who was a lot older than Hedda and together they had a son named William. The Hopper's were and are a prominent Hollywood family, think Dennis Hopper.

The book is about the turbulent relationship of a famous mother and son. It was okay. I enjoy reading relationship books between children and mothers. This relationship can be at times complicated but the love that connects mother and child is a treasure and no matter what the problem, it is this same priceless jewel of love that always keeps them united.

The second book I read was Natalie Martin's "together apart". This book is a relationship book about a couple from London. Well... it was such a familiar tale of silly love. The cliche I love you but I gotta secret and if I tell you, you might run away and leave me forever but in reality- love story-fantasy world you instead find the secret out and only love me all the more for my extreme bravery-the end-happily ever after-the end.

On a happy note; I also grabbed a few great ebook versions of the Iliad and Dorian Gray. I mean they were free. How exciting,  right? Book V. of the Iliad I can read over and over, best fight scenes ever. So poetically gorgeous it makes fighting an act of love.

There are a ton of other books that are free or under five bucks that are worth looking into.  I just downloaded "Mother-Daughter Memories:Love Revealed" edited by Dana Clayton. I have not yet finished it but do read a story here or there and I have found it truly heartwarming.

I really have been tainted by the last book I read by Tim Winton. I mean that book is so perfect from the characters to the plot that everything I have and continue to read falls short. Winton is a master writer and I miss his words.  But I will carry on reading anything and everything because literature is life.

Happy Reading!


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