Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rob the Mob

Love, Crime, the Mafia & Christmas in New York!

It is not often that I watch a movie that totally moves me. In all honestly I did not think that a movie with a title like, Rob the Mob, would be one I found myself being moved by. Yet, I was wrong, as I have so often been in the past. I’ve never heard of this film or its director Ralph De Felitta and writer Jonathan Fernandez. The movie is based on a true story (I did not know of this prior to watching the film) of a couple that robs the mob during the highly publicized trial of mafia boss John Gotti. I was one of those kids growing up that read all the mobster books and watched any movie about it. Oddly, my brother, mother and I would often share mobster books like Henry Hill’s WiseGuys; we would each take turns reading chapters and passing it on to one another. Certainly, I would have imagined this tale of lovebird criminals that were labeled by media as “Bonnie & Clyde” would have made headlines past New York, but I guess not.

Anyhow, one of the reason I really enjoyed this movie is that it reminded me of another film I watched when I was a high school punk/mod kid so much that I memorized the lines, that movie being -“Sid & Nancy”.  Rob the Mob and "Sid and Nancy” both tell the tale of two lovesick lovebirds, filled with irrational passion and they break laws, do drugs, are abhorred by family, friends and find themselves each other’s saviors. Just as sick puppies the only thing that makes their souls thrive is being together in twisted young love. And just as "Sid and Nancy’s" love ends tragically, Rosie and Tommy follow suit.

Rob the Mob is great. I mean the love story that Fernandez and De Felitta create is gorgeous, you cannot help but love Tommy & Rosie right back. Nina Arianda plays Rosie and she even looks a little like Nancy from Sid and Nancy, she is blond, puffy faced and with an annoying screeching voice but she is charming on screen and she just follows Michael Pitt’s character Tommy around like he is a Zeus himself. Tommy also resembles Sid Vicious a little. He has dark unkempt hair, pale white skin, a lanky disposition and a vulnerable bad boy quality that is addictive.

Rob the Mob is not only a love story. It is also a bit of Mafia history because of Tommy & Rosie how the FBI views the mafia will never be the same again. Tommy & Rosie's crazy love and crime spree changes everything. Andy Garcia plays Big Al and he is phenomenal. Garcia is such a great actor and in this movie he is perfect. Ray Romano also, wow, he just wowed me. Who would have thought that the guy from “Everybody loves Raymond” could pull this part off, but he did, boy did he.

If you haven’t watched this movie, watch it. It is worth the time. The only flaw I found in the movie is the music. The story is such a beautiful tale, so honest and interesting, everything was filmed on the streets of New York for that reason it needed a better soundtrack, better music. The entire movie is so good I didn’t get up once. I sipped on tea and snacked on raisins but never budged from my seat. When the ending rolled around, I only wished I could have watched the last three minutes over and over again. It was like a beautiful symphony. I didn’t want it to end and neither will you.

~ Reviewed by Francine
Anthem Book Review
Fresno, CA   

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