Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wow! Who is BJ Ward???

Wow! Who is BJ Ward? I halted sleep an extra hour for him, read his poem "Resurrection" twice in silence, then again out loud.
In the current issue of "The Normal School" Fresno's best literary mag I came across his poem tucked in the corner of page #51. It took my breath away, far away and my slumber too. So moved by this work of art, I woke in urgency and had to blog to tell readers YOU MUST BUY THIS MAGAZINE...YOU MUST READ... YOU MUST DISCOVER BJ WARD THE POET.
I Googled him. I love poetry.  I have now found a new favorite modern-day poet. ahhhh poetry truly makes my heart beat a new rhythm.  It has saved me time and time again. Tonight this... BJ Ward and his words will send me to sleep in peace.
-did Eve turn to Adam knowing the globe had him......pause, then whisper........ "bite the apple.We'll construct a chapel--"? - BJ Ward
Such lovely words to a lovely poem.  So glad I stayed up a tad later than usual to read The Normal School.
Happy Reading!
Francine ♥

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