Thursday, May 15, 2014

Books vs. Kindle Fire

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And the winner is............. 

I received a Kindle Fire for Mother's Day. I can't say I was ever completely opposed to Kindle Fire or any other handheld book reading device. However, because of my strong adoration for books, they never interested me.

On Mother's Day, my mother surprised me with one. I immediately enjoyed it. I have always read at least two books at a time. One book would be a serious novel and the other something fun like a memoir or biography.

While enrolling on I purchased a few magazines from the New Yorker and The Atlantic and as I was scrolling through the pages of newly released books, I came across an angelic looking face that compelled me to inquire more. After reading the first sentence of the book I knew immediately who this angelic looking face belonged to. It was Michelle Knight one of the three women from Cleveland that were kidnapped and held captive for eleven years.

Finding Me, was my first book purchased on Kindle Fire. I read the entire book in two days. Just like an actual book, I was able to highlight and type notes in the margins.. I was able to stay up way past midnight with the lights off, huddled in my bed reading in the dark with an aching heart at what this poor woman had to endure. This will be my next book review after I complete Capote this week.

In the end, I would much rather hold a book but am still a fan of the Kindle Fire. I love its simplicity, the virtual bookshelves used to display my magazines and books, and the convenience of it all. I love that it weighs little and easily fits in my purse. It holds its charge well, which allows me to read well into the night while my sons sleep soundly in dreamland, no longer waking them with the bright light in my room.

I will still purchase books. I still long for the day in old age where shelves of books line my family room and the pride of knowing all that knowledge was devoured by my eyes and lives deep within the matter of my brain and I will be happy.

Kindle Fire vs. Books, in the end they both win. Thank you mama for always knowing what is good for me :)

Happy Reading!

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