Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Weekend Reads

What will you be reading this holiday weekend?

There is nothing better than relaxing with a good book and a cup of coffee. This four day holiday weekend I plan to do just that.

Here goes my reading list... I am rereading Tennessee William's "Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed". This is one of my favorite short story collections written by him. I only reread the first story of the bunch which is my favorite. It is titled "Happy August Tenth". It brings back fond memories of my friend Maria.  My wonderful boss purchased this edition for me when a few weeks ago he found out my copy was falling apart and so old and beat up from constant usage. He is one of the best attorneys I know and I am so thankful for him and his kind gestures. 

I am also reading in entirety Dave Eggers "What is the What". I totally love this book so far. I'm only on the third chapter but already I am addicted. Eggers is one of our best writers today. I adore him and his ability to have me so intrigued with the serious nature of his novels and at the same time Iaughing at his dry humor. He must be the smartest man in the world. He also wrote one of my favorite movies Away We Go. I swear this guy can do no wrong.

I am also simultaneously reading Arthur Miller's collected plays from 1944-1961.  I usually read this book late at night before bed and I am in no rush. This is my fun book. I love plays and Arthur Miller is my favorite playwright. Shattered Glass is my favorite play. I will eventually begin reviewing plays and have a tab indicating where to find the reviews. So look forward to that. I know I am.

My romance book read this month is "Labor Day" by Joyce Maynard. O my gosh, I am so a sucker for love and this book is so lovely.  Love always comes unexpectedly and when it does it should be sweet and peaceful. This story is just that. The relationship begins unexpectedly but is welcomed by both with such sweet unconditional love and trust. I will finish this probably tonight. I can't wait.

After the above mentioned books are devoured by my eyes I will begin to read and review local Fresno or Central Valley writers. So if any of you have any recommendations please share your thoughts with me.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Be safe and take time to read a book.

Happy Reading!


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