Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Writing & Waiting & a Congratulations!

It’s Wednesday, the entire day I thought it was Tuesday, no joke. After having been on vacation for some time and my workweek beginning on a Tuesday, rather than the typical Monday. I was a tad thrown off.

Not to mention, I took a sleeping pill last night, slept like a baby, but woke like a drugged lunatic, unbalanced, lethargic, and forgetful. I was late to work, nearly ran out of gas. I had to pull off on 99 to Belmont Ave for emergency gas. My steering wheel was already a hardened mess, which is a strong indicator that the tank is running dry.

Eventually, I made it to work. My morning had started terrible. However, things changed around noon. When in my email was a bold “Congratulations” in the subject line, of a miracle email. It turns out, a short story I submitted for publication earlier this year, was accepted and will be published, alongside other great Fresno writers in, “Flies, Cockroaches & Poets”.

I am so excited that the world of journal readers, will finally meet my “Birdie”. I wrote the story titled, “The Valley Heat and You” over three years ago, never submitted it anywhere, just keep reading and editing, until I felt it was right. And I guess it now is.

Writing can be a whirlwind of disappointment, rejections and waiting, o the waiting, is sometimes the worst. No matter what, I love it. Writing is life to me. An acceptance letter reminds me I am doing the right thing by following what adds the pulse in my life, the push in my step.

“Congratulations” to life & to words. May they keep on coming.

Francine Ramos McMillon

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