Saturday, July 21, 2018

Local Writer at Madera Reads Book Club

Madera  Reads Book Club met today for our July Book Discussion. In attendance was local author, Glenna Jarvis. It was wonderful to have a book discussion with the writer of the book present. The attendance of Jarvis provided  a deeper understanding and appreciation into the books  main characters. 

It was also interesting to discover that the town of Borden, which is where Sandmann is set, was once an actual place in Madera.  

Borden was located in the southeast area of Madera, near the Southern Pacific Railroad. Maybe it was once a thriving town; but today, any lasting traces of a bustling community have all but disappeared. The only thing that remains are a few headstones of deceased Chinese railroad workers.

Thanks to Jarvis, Borden is also the town where reporter, Hannah Monakee is living her best fiction life. I find it is absolutely wonderful that local writer Glenna Jarvis incorporated the town of Madera and its history in Sandmann.

Jarvis is an interesting person , filled with amazing and entertaining stories from her career as a crime beat reporter and time spent documenting and reporting on cases for the Madera Tribune that would make most close their eyes in fear.  

But just like Hannah Monakee, Glenna is not done reporting.

Jarvis followed up Sandmann with Free Fall- A Hannah Monakee Mystery.  All the delightful and tough characters from Sandmann make an appearance in the book, Detective Morales, Quint, and Oz.

So, if you're looking for a good read sprinkled with some local flair, The Hannah Monakee Mystery books are great place to start. Sandmann and Free Fall are available now on Amazon.

Madera Reads will read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in August. 
We welcome YOU to come read with us and discuss great works of literature together. 

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