Monday, July 2, 2018

Local Book Club, Sharing the love of Reading

In my local town of Madera, California, I, along with the Friends of Madera County Library have started a book club. The book club was started in February. Our name is Madera Reads Community Book Club. 

We meet once a month, sometimes two, depending on how long our book discussions last. We meet once at the Library and another, at a local coffee shop in the community.

I have been an avid reader my entire life. I hope that the book club helps to find local readers that want to read, fellowship and discuss great works of literature with their community, as well as highlight great writers.  Thus far, we have read some pretty great books. I've attached the flyers from past book discussions, in case you're interested in reading some of Madera Reads picks!

I highly recommend the following; February book was, Manana Means Heaven, by the talented and beautiful - Tim Z. Hernandez, March book was Idaho, a debut novel by Emily Ruskovich, and April book was, We the Animals, a haunting, gorgeous story written by Justin Torres (We the Animals is soon to be released as a motion picture).

Our last two books, May's book club choice, Here Lies Memory by Doug Rice and June's book club choice, Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea, I cannot get the characters out of my mind. I am working on short blurbs about all the books we have so far read. 

I encourage you all to share  your love of reading within your community. Start a local book club, find like minded people. Keep reading and a love for literature- ALIVE! 

Read and be Happy!

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