Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Upcoming Book Release by Local Writer Tim Z. Hernandez


Tim Z Hernandez’s book titled, “All They Will Call You” is about the Los Gatos Plane Crash which occurred 69 years ago, on January 28, 1948 and will finally be released this Friday. The book launch is set to take place at the Whitifield Hall, Satellite Student Union Center at Fresno State from 6-8pm.  

The book tells the story of 32 individuals aboard a DC-3 plane that wrecked near Coalinga, CA, County of Fresno, while in route to Mexico. Of the 32 people traveling by air, 28 were from Mexico and had been either recently deported or had their contract terminated with the former Bracero Program.

The names of the pilot, stewardess and officer were initially reported in the newspaper during the time of the accident. However, the 28 non-Americans remained nameless and anonymous at death that is until Hernandez bravely began work on this project.  So who were these 28 deportees?  What were their names?  What were they like, alive, smiling, loving?

In, “All They Will Call You”, Hernandez aims to find the answers to those questions and much more. Hernandez is one of the best writers alive. He writes stories so compelling; he breathes life into the past, giving back humanity to those that gave up the ghost unnoticed, sculpting the past into present, word by word.

Hernandez writes with the diligence of a hungry journalist, and writes sentences with such poignant storytelling it sings to the soul. This is exactly what he did with “Manana Means Heaven”. He resurrected, the “Mexican Girl” in Kerouac’s, On the Road. He gave her breath, again, and told her story with such poetic beauty, after reading the novel,  “the Mexican girl” was no longer a stranger, she became ‘Bea”.  

Hernandez is the finest storyteller of the Central Valley. He restores the history of some of the most unknown and forgotten people of Fresno County with each project he takes on. He gives sound to that which was silenced by time, providing an eternal voice that will echo on in its readers.  

I encourage you to support local writers by attending the book launch of “All They Will Call You” as Hernandez releases the book to the public. It is going to be a great time.  

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Happy Reading!

Written by Francine


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