Monday, January 18, 2016

Look what's coming in 2016!


I didn’t want to read this book. I didn’t want to like Lena Dunham. I will typically shy away from things so popular, books, people, events, holidays; I prefer the odd, unknown and gleaming with possibility to the while in utero born into prosperity individual. I always vote the underdog!

So when everyone on earth it seemed was helping take Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl straight up the New York Times bestsellers list,  I most certainly passed it up.

Then I watched Tiny Furniture one lazy Sunday afternoon and was drawn to the character of Aura. What a great actress I thought. Watching Lena onscreen was like peering through her kitchen curtains and watching her life unfold, but still, I had no idea it was Lena Dunham I was watching. As the credits rolled and her name rolled on screen, I was shocked. The following week I heard her on the Mark Maron podcast (a podcast I hear when Joe Rogan has no new ones posted) and I liked her even more.

So I bought the book and I am now mildly obsessed with her. She is funny, intelligent, witty and so honest at times, I love it. 

So stay tuned to Anthem Book Review for reviews on the wonderful Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl and Amy Poelher’s Yes, Please.

After all these fun reads, it's time to read what I love most in literature that being, Russian Literature. I will review new  Russian writer, the amazing and talented, Kseniya Melnik and her collection of short stories “Snow in May”,  I have been dying to read and have had the most difficult time obtaining a copy (story to be included in review), but trust me it was well worth the wait. It is a beautiful piece of work and I am only on the third story and I am in literary love with Melnik's writing. She is an example of why Russian writers remain pillars to this day and, Melnik, shares the same brilliance in story telling as the great works of Tolstoy and Chekov.

So stay tuned Anthem Book Review has exciting things going on in 2016, like new logo book bags and book marks, a newsletter, great reviews, new contributing writers and much, much more!
Happy Reading!

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