Thursday, October 9, 2014

Author Review

Us & One Day by David Nicholls. (photo credit: Francine Ramos)
David Nicholls is one of the best modern day writers. I have read two of his books and both I name among my favorites list and both occupy my top shelf, which is the biggest indicator that I absolutely love the book. Top shelf/Bookshelf worthy!

David Nicholls currently lives in North London with his partner Hannah and two children. He has the most amazing take on love and relationships and writes with charm and precision. If you do not know of him or have not yet read one of his wonderful novels, I encourage you to do so. To find out more about David go to

He is, like myself, a fan of Richard Yates which I find interesting. I enjoy knowing that I have something in common with such a great writer. His last novel, "One Day" was made into a motion picture featuring Anne Hathaway. Although I enjoyed the movie, nothing compares to the book. It is truly among the greatest love stories ever told.

Nicholls newest novel, "Us" is to be released in the United States  October 28th. It is a wonderful novel that tells the story of a family falling apart and embarking on a month long holiday with hopes to rebuild their relationships and save their marriage. I highly recommend it.

Finding new authors is always something I am in search of. If you have any recommendations please feel free to contact me.

By Francine

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