Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm back with books in tow!

Dancing for the Devil: From the Pole to the PulpitI have had a whirlwind of unfortunate events occur since my last posting in August. Thankfully, the worst is behind me. In this time I have continued reading because reading is truly my lifesaver. Above are a few of the books and I will be posting reviews soon. The first book I read was Matthew Thomas's brilliant book We Are Not Ourselves, Anny Donewald's amazing and informative story on strip dancing and the sex industry in- Dancing for the Devil and lastly, a book by Beth Moore titled- Goodbye Insecurity.

I am currently in a bible study class for women and Moore's book is the book of the month. This is not usually a book I would pick to read and review, but figured since I am reading it for the study group I might as well review it.

As always, I will be posting reviews as I complete a book. Thank you all for continuing to follow Anthem Book Review. Now back to business.....

Happy Reading!


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