Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Power of Recommendation

In his most recent Netflix special, Dave Chappelle mentioned the name of a book and encouraged the audience to read it. This, he said, would help all understand why he removed himself from his popular FX comedy series.
The book Pimp by Iceberg Slim was first published in 1967 by Holloway House. Then, it was released in 1996 in Great Britain by Payback Press. Simon and Shuster picked up Pimp in 2011 and here it stayed.
Pimp had already been an underground favorite. Ice-T completed a documentary on the book in 2013, plenty of celebrities, rappers and comedians have raved about the book.
I read a book review on Pimp sometime around 2013.I intended to buy the book. I found a used copy at a used bookstore in Fresno’s Tower District. There wasn’t even an actual price on the book, and it was a “$10 bag of books” deal. I chose another book over Iceberg Slim’s Pimp. Now I totally regret that decision.
According to, Dave Chappelle’s recommendation has caused this decade old book to skyrocket to the top of the best sellers list. Ughh!
The book now sells on Amazon for $10 for new books up to $600, probably for a first edition or not one of the mass produced paperback books. I mean can you believe that??? A book like Pimp, for a book lover like myself, I would never want a new $10.61 book. It is the old, first edition, even the first edition Great Britain edition that would be worth collecting. Listen, the book has so bumped up in price that even a Kindle edition is freaking $11.99 and Simon and Shuster sells it for $15 bucks and some change.
Do you see the power of a recommendation? So if you were one of the lucky ones to purchase Pimp by Iceberg Slim early on, imagine what you could get for a first edition, hardcover from Halloway House. Search your mama’s and yo grandparents bookshelves…. and call me if you have the book.

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