Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Review on New and Emerging Fresno Writer

Fresno Writer, Jessica Seymour

Jessica Seymour is a local writer hailing from the Fresno area. I am a Fresnan as well, and take great pleasure in reading the work of local writers. More than anything, and in any way I can, it is my goal that Anthem Book Review support local writers and their craft.

I picked up two of Seymour’s books which are not very lengthy, the Untold Secrets of a Single Mom is very short, coming in at 47 pages, it is small, and almost like a pocketbook.
The second Trapped is a tad bigger in size and contains 98 pages.

As I have written before, I clearly want each reader to take into consideration that reading and enjoying a certain genre of writing comes down to personal preference and just because I may not like a book and the review is not favoring, does not mean that YOU or someone you know may not thoroughly enjoy it. I did not like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and that book is seen as an American literary treasure.  So it is with honesty and complete respect to the craft of writing that I write these two reviews. So on to the review….
These books can be purchased at Harts Haven in Fresno's Tower District, as well as online at Amazon and other booksellers.

Read these reviews under the tab Fresno Writes:

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