Monday, September 12, 2016

What a Summer 16'.

So, since my last post, I have been a pretty busy bee. As much as I would like to say I have devoured books by the truckload, that would be a lie. I have several books still on my nightstand. I am in the process of getting through the books I promised new and emerging writers I would read and review. After this however, my book policy will change. I am currently NOT accepting any new books.

In November, I will change my policy to only 10 books a year. I really want to devote my time to these writers that put so much into their craft. I have read some of the books, I accepted this summer. I really enjoyed some, so much I reread the entire books, others really were not my cup of tea, but a promise is a promise; I will review them.

So coming this Fall, it is my goal to devote more time to the books and authors I choose, and maybe do some Q&A's with new emerging authors. I really hope local writers hit me up. I would love to spotlight some local Central Valley talent. And out of country writers also, Russian writers, my favorite genre of Literature, contact me if you are a new writer. I'd love to discover the next Tolstoy (I wish/ You wish/ we all wish) :)

So to finish my rant about my absence and my need to tailor down my acceptance of books, here is the reason.

My beloved son graduated from High School in June. He is now attending a great University in Southern California. So I have lost a book reviewer for now. And I'm all over California now, traveling to Orange County and back to the Valley for visits with my son.

Although, I miss his daily presence in my life, I am so proud he has such determination. Also, luckily for me :) , I also have a six year old son, and now it is time to mold him into the next college bound boy. A love of literature, he has already blossoming in his heart. He loves to read.  

So if you are a parent and want to raise a college bound child, read to them, start young sowing a love of literature. Reading expands the mind and will have them craving knowledge. No one finds it on a couch stuck in the same city, let them grow and fly and learn in a University. Reading, I strongly believe helped shape my son's mind into the great intelligent mind it has become today. I have always told him, question everything and find the answer, read!

Due to my busy summer, I have become an avid podcast listener. I find it almost as equivalent to a great discussion, except I can't join in, but listening is all the better. Here are a few I listen to weekly:

  • Joe Rogan Experience ( you can download the app & episodes)
  • Sam Harris "Waking Up" (also downloadable)
  • Jocko Wilnik & Echo Charles -this is probably one of my favorites, because Jocko does Book Reviews & his voice is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard  (a man after my own heart )
  • Duncan Trussell Family Hour- this is a very spiritual podcast, not churchy, spiritual, enlightening and when I need that deep introspective thought, I tune into Duncan.
  • When none of the above have new podcasts, I tune in to I am Rappaport with  Michael Rappaport. Omg, be prepared to laugh and laugh, and be like, damn, right, really, you said it. I love this podcast. It is really a pleasure.

So there you have it. Read some books, turn off the radio and listen to a podcast, expand your mind.
Now it is time to continue what I have always loved and what my heart beats for (besides my husband)- books, reading, learning, writing and BOOKS!

It's wonderful to be back. Now on to reading.... as always, stayed tuned for some great reviews!

Anthem Book Review

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