Thursday, January 22, 2015

New "Before You Die" book

Well this is 7 of the 25 "Books to  Read Before You Die" for me. I purchased this book at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, against my will of course. I promised myself that I would not buy any of these books full price. I went to local used bookstores & thrift stores and was unable to find any of the books listed on Powell's 25.

It was a very inexpensive purchase, around $8 bucks and in a small but fat paperback. I am on chapter 2 and so far in awe of it. Abbey's writing is raw and in just a few chapters I have already began to flow with the beauty his sentences form. It is like swimming in a calm river and taking in every vibrant feel, touch, and scene to behold. It is writing of the world and nature at its finest. Mind you; I am only on the 2nd chapter. I look forward to devouring this book.

Happy Reading!

Stay tuned for the review.

Francine :)

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